Stefania Morland on Afternoon Express

Stefania Morland on Afternoon Express

Stefania Morland Afternoon Express Interview

We are joined in studio by high-end-fashion designer, Stefania Morland.

Cape Town Designer, Stefania Morland, is dedicated to personal service and attention to detail and has been running her high-end-fashion boutique in the Mother City for more than 15 years. 
Stefania’s store and studio has been growing from strength to strength and this recipe for success appears to be in her strategy to remain true to the design and classic playful timeless pieces - designing garments and perfectly layering pieces that can be worn in so many ways. 
That, and her decision to use only the finest hand-selected natural fibers which she collects from around the world to create her unique and distinctive designs. 
She caters to every style and is very passionate about fashion itself. She believes in quality and that everyone has a style identity that match with their personality and inner creative self.

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